GFS Plus Night Serum
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GFS Plus Night Serum

by Photozyme
A true age reversal product designed to treat serious signs of aging.

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1.More About GFS Plus Night Serum -
A true age reversal product designed to treat serious aging signs with the most advanced retinoid (GDR), lipid soluble growth factor (LPA), DNA repair enzymes and peptide complex. This new advanced treatment contains the most active retinoid on the market that allows superior performance with little to no irritation, making it available for all skin types. The GFS is a powerful product that is also packed with vitamin C derivatives (Ascorbyl esters, SAP) which are beneficial against aggressive oxidizing agents and free radicals in the skin. It boosts the epidermal layer of the skin by promoting cell production, making the skin look rejuvenated and even-toned. This product also stimulates the skin’s daily repair via DNA repair enzymes. BENEFITS: • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Brightens dull skin by exfoliating at a cellular level • Visibly reduce the signs of aging caused by sun damage • Improves the appearance of age spots and evens out pigmentation • Evens out skin tone and texture • Enhances skin elasticity
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