About us

Dr. Patricia Farris and Dr. Ruth Tedaldi, two highly respected Dermatologists and RegimenPro® co-founders, are committed to helping patients take an active role in their skincare. With their combined knowledge in the field of dermatology, they have successfully created a revolutionary skincare diagnostic tool. RegimenLogic™ is designed to provide personalized regimens to individuals with a focus on keeping physicians and their patients connected along the patients’ skincare journey. RegimenPro® is backed by their years of experience in the skincare industry and their dedication to helping clients everywhere reach their skin goals. Let us help you as well! Register today!

Meet Our Team

Julie MB Bradley

CEO & Chair of the Board

Dr. Patricia Farris

Dermatologist & RegimenPro® Co-founder

Dr. Ruth Tedaldi

Dermatologist & RegimenPro® Co-founder

Jodi Nightingale, MBA

Chief Revenue Officer

Stephen D'Ascoli

Chief Technology Officer

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