Co2lift Mousse
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Co2lift Mousse

by Lumisque Skin Care
CARBOXY MOUSSE Moisturizer, enjoy fresh CO2 every time you used.

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1.More About Co2lift Mousse -
CO2Lift Moisturizing Mousse contains special beauty components which are normally difficult to be compounded. As this is an aerosol type, we are able to compose Pure Vitamin C and Linoleic Acid. These 2 components easily oxidize so it can be very difficult to be compounded in cosmetics. Our Moisturizing Mouse effective delivers this to the skin. They bring glow to the skin while blocking melanin production. 3 kinds of Vitamin C and Linoleic Acid helps to create radiant skin- 12 kinds of plant extracts to make your skin hydrate and glow- 10 kinds of active beauty components makes your skin smooth and supple. The CO2Lift Carboxy Mousse is very effective for spot treatments after procedures.
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