Revox™ 7
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Revox™ 7

by Revision Skincare
Peptide-rich serum for expression lines.

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Revox™ 7 - One of the only clinically-proven topical products that helps smooth the appearance of expression lines, this oil-free serum incorporates clinical levels of seven different peptides to reduce the appearance of seven different expression lines around the eyes, forehead and mouth. "> Incorporates clinical levels of 7 different peptides > Reduces the appearance of wrinkles > Softens the appearance of 7 types of expression lines: Forehead Lines Glabella Frown Lines Crow’s Feet Bunny Nose Lines Nasolabial Laugh Lines Lip Lines Marionette Lines"
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Active Ingredient


Nature's Anti-Aging Messengers

Peptides are anti-aging powerhouses. They serve as biological messengers, signaling your skin to generate more collagen and elastin, both of which promote healthier, younger, more supple skin.
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