Stretchmark Guard Cream
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Stretchmark Guard Cream

by medicalia
A scientific breakthrough in treating stretch marks, this revolutionary cream is clinically proven for efficacy and performance. It protects, nourishes, strengthens elasticity and boosts malleability

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1.More About Stretchmark Guard Cream -
Put to the test for over a decade and proven to yield unparalleled high-performance results, this cream is specifically formulated to promote skin expandability and prevent striae formation. Uniquely micro-emulsified and infused with Shea Butter, Rutin, Green Bean Extract, and Elastin Peptides. It enhances skin homeostasis, cellular activity, and hydration levels to prevent the onset of striae while improving the appearance of existing lesions. Recommended for prenatal daily use to prevent striae formation and to tighten skin post-delivery. For all skin types.
• Highly reduces the formation of stretch marks
• Smooths existing stretch marks
• Improves and strengthens elasticity
• Nourishes, improves skin expandability
• Promotes pre & post-partum skin health and comfort
• Richly hydrating, no oily residue
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