Stress Adaptogen MD 30 Boxed
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Stress Adaptogen MD 30 Boxed

by Nutrafol
With ingredients that help build resilience to stress so you grow calm and cool.

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1.More About Stress Adaptogen MD 30 Boxed -
These adaptogens help improve the body’s stress response. Chronic stress affects your entire body and can shorten your growth cycle, disrupt your hormones, and deplete the key nutrients for hair health. Adaptogenic plants help the body adapt to stressors of all kinds including from work and life demands, environmental toxins and inflammatory molecules before they affect hair growth. The stress hormone cortisol can trigger hair growth-harming pathways in the body. These stress busting herbs help protect against stress-related complications and maintain a healthy hair growth cycle. Nutrafol has formulated Stress Adaptogen with ingredients known to improve energy and focus so you’re ready for your day and more likely to sleep well at night.
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