SSMD Lash Proliferating Serum
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SSMD Lash Proliferating Serum


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There is a sensual feminity to long lashes. The fluttering twinkle of eyes adorned with long flowing filaments embodies a bashful and innocent appeal that most men find irresistible. When you have naturally long and thick lashes, there is no need to cake on mascara, glue on flimsy fakes, or seek radical lash surgery. Simply growing them out is the safest and most natural route to beautiful batting lids. This Lash Proliferating Serum is a brilliant and natural lash conditioner using a powerful peptide ingredient and Grape Stem Cell Extract, in a nutrient rich serum. This peptide specifically acts on the skin cells of the lashes to help the body build a sturdier foundation and positively influence your lashes. Safe and highly effective, this incredible solution helps eyelashes appear longer, fuller, and wider.

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