Advanced Retinol Restorer
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Advanced Retinol Restorer

by U.SK Under Skin
Exclusive Tyrosinase pathway inhibition with multiple anti-aging benefits and up to 100% less retinol discomfort due a patented calming complex.

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1.More About Advanced Retinol Restorer -
• 0.2% free retinol with 0.5% efficacy and up to 100% less irritation. • Greater retinol safety and stability, improved penetration and up to 48-hour sustained release. • Bidens pilosa extract triggers the proliferation of more retinol receptors. • Maximum depigmentation synergy to intensify bleaching action. • Extensive approach to controlling the aging process and increasing skin barrier integrity.
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Active Ingredient


Enhanced Cellular Turnover

Retinol takes time and commitment to work (most see results after 3-6 months of regular use), but it's worth the effort: Retinol reduces fine lines and wrinkles, speeds up skin cell rejuvenation, improves complexion, and can even fade dark spots. It's the go-to topical treatment for anti-aging regimens.
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